Grounded Leadership

A movement born from the very earth we stand upon - where we are forging a new path forward, paved with purpose, a commitment to community and emotional transformation.

HERE, we walk with a renewed perspective on life, we have healthy relationships that fuel our soul while consciously choosing to be deeply connected to our innate way of doing, being and having.



I'm Lezly.

I unearth Grounded Leaders.


Corporate and business ecologies are transforming FAST. Teams and Communities now demand conscious and anchored CEO’s at the helm. The world of leadership has evolved.

Here: we build sustainable, wildly profitable, fulfilled and regulated Leaders. 

Catalyzing this change in you, is where I come in. 

Welcome to Grounded Leadership!

My journey from a 60m dollar entrepreneur and emotionally bankrupt TO nearly bankrupt and emotionally wealthy while building a life with it ALL.  

After building and scaling multiple businesses from nothing to 60m and 10m respectively, through multiple failures and hardships, I am a single mother who has taken back herself and her life to bring online what I have desired for so long: 

+ Meaning in my life every single day.
+ Healthy relationships and a healthy body.
+ Serving others from a place of purpose, grounded leadership and full body permission.
+ Diving deep to dance in not only my shadow, but yours, to give you the permission to live beyond the red tape right beside me.



If new standards of communication, collaboration, sustainable productivity, a regulated and energized team sound exactly like what your company needs.

Hire me to hold a potent and transformational space to catalyze exactly that


Grounded Leadership

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