Named by USA TODAY as one of the Top Conscious Female Leaders To Watch in 2022, Lezly D’Iimi has set the world of corporate ablaze with her fresh take on contribution, community and innovation in the world of leadership.

Founder and CEO of one of Australia’s Top Recruiting Companies, Lezly has been featured in top publications around the world, revealing new, healthy ways of implementing self- and team-leadership from a grounded and conscious space. 

Short about me section that kicks off the page - about 1 paragraph is best for this section. Short about me section that kicks off the page - about 1 paragraph is best for this section. Short about me section that kicks off the page - about 1 paragraph is best for this section.

Where it all began

Lezly had an anything-other-than easy upbringing. Forced to endure through the darkness as drug and alcohol abuse consumed her family, she was left to raise her two younger siblings along with help from her Nana. With no role-models, and no-one to show her the ropes, Lezly was left to find her own way through the murkiness of life.

Yet as we often find, from the turmoil of life’s early years arises a strength of character that the world might otherwise have never known; the kind that champions the hero within each of us to become all that we can be.

Your personal experiences should not define you or discredit you from opportunities that can change your life and create your own freedoms. As a leader it is your responsibility to help people see their own uniqueness by providing them with the opportunities to do so. Sometimes people need someone to believe in them before they believe in themselves.” 

 Through the hardships, the highs and lows, from the darkest times to moments of ecstasy, to Lezly’s most recent awakening, Grounded Leadership was born.

There is nothing quite like listening to someones story.

Feeling the authenticity and being taken on the journey that has transformed them.

I invite you to... 
Listen to me tell mine.

Today . . .

At the helm of a 7 Figure Recruitment Company, Mother to a beautiful son and having experienced one of the most transformational 12 months, Lezly is one of the most embodied Leaders you will ever meet and is a true Grounded Leader. 

Grounded Leadership

A movement born from the very earth we stand upon - forging a new path forward, paved with purpose, commitment to community and emotional transformation.



Without Lezly's journey, the structural integrity of Grounded Leadership wouldn't have been possible. She has walked through the fire, done and continues to implement these Pillars and has 'Become The Storm'.

The following 6 Pillars serve as the heartbeat to this movement ... 

1. Deep Self-reflection and Contemplation

Grounded Leadership draws its effectiveness from each of us doing ‘the work’. From a place of openness and curiosity, we cultivate a space for growth.

We see the value in being our truest selves, without the masks, in all the places: no matter who stands in front of us. Unlocking our professional potential begins with the vulnerability to self-reflect, contemplate what is holding us back and choose to emotionally evolve to explore new peaks - our own and those of the people whom we serve.

2. Being Trauma-informed 

Trauma can be stress in disguise.

Understanding that most people walk this earth carrying some form of trauma, will allow you to anchor into being someone who is grounded in their leadership.
Emerging from the Pandemic and events to yet unfold, being informed, aware and willing to learn what makes your Team tick, will serve you greatly. 


To create change, we must first be the change.

3. Clarity Of Vision

Reminding ourselves of Pillar One, we are brought back to deep reflection and contemplation. Without these moments to deeply define, connect and get crystal clear on not just what is driving you, but on who you are when you’re making the moves, the road ahead can be hard to see. 


Gaining clarity is a conscious commitment - a permission slip, an agreement - that will take you from where you are now, to the creation of what you want the most. Have the courage to devote yourself to your vision, and to surround yourself with supportive people.

4. Find Your People

There is wisdom in the phrase; ‘your vibe attracts your tribe!’ As people connected to the values of Grounded Leadership, we stand by each other- we don’t go it alone.

In community we heal faster. Because we know we don’t have all the answers, we are willing to ask for help and receive it from those with the medicine we need. We believe that through raising our own vibration we will be met by those who will raise the bar even higher for us.

When we do ‘the work’, our people find us and together we grow toward our potential, faster.

5. Always Growing

Through constant improvement, reflection and realigning our actions to the Grounded Leadership Pillars, we ourselves become Grounded Leaders in our homes, in our offices and in our communities.

We choose to let go of perfectionism, performing and pleasing others in ways that compromise who we truly are. We walk with a renewed sense of gratitude for our vision each time we trip and fall - we know that through doing so, we become masters at our craft.

6. Becoming The Storm

The peripheral advantage of moving through the 5 Pillars that make up Grounded Leadership, is your new found steadfast through the stretchy moments, that previously you met with a reactiveness. Now, as chaos appears, challenges arise and hard conversations demand your presence: you rise to meet them.

Grounded Leaders are regulated in their nervous system who attend to life and business in a way that is free from destruction, distraction and drama, we have become disentangled from the ‘need’ to fight. As we become unafraid of the storm we meet every moment with ease and grace and therefore experience more ease and grace. 

Grounded Leadership 

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